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Import API on HS 4

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    [HS/FS] Import API on HS 4


    Now I buy power to my home from Tibber.

    Tibber is building an extensive digital platform for automatic power purchases and smart energy control. Through our Developer Program we share our solutions, data and algorithms. We believe in creating the best solutions together with others - with you.

    In they have a open API where I can get the power prices pr hour/consumption/cost ++

    But how do I import this code in HS?



    Hi Stian,
    Whether or not the code must be imported into the HS for it to function I don't know - if it does, then one of the developer-type guru's on this forum will need to chime in how to do that.
    Instead of going the import-route, couldn't the information be called up by visiting a Tibber website? I would think that a Tibber website could be easily set up by them (if it doesn't already exist) to include that code, much like the Tibber Developer demo page has been set up. If so, then you can use the standard HS functionality to call and evaluate a web page. Send the credentials and the criteria, and evaluate the result. That methodology is used fairly widely, you will find multiple examples on this in posts on this forum (i.e. Miele@Home, Sony TV, Sonos, weather info, traffic info, ....).