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knx - dmx babtec duo dmx gateway and question about dimming

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    knx - dmx babtec duo dmx gateway and question about dimming

    At the beginning i want to say Hello for evrybody. I'm new in knx topics

    I have a question / problem don't know how to name it.
    in my instalation i have a babtec duo dmx SR getway. I try to do somthing like soft start and stop function on it but i have problems maybe somebody can help me.

    in my room i have 12 lamps and want to make "scenes" to it. i have try in babtech device to make to each lamp a scene with % of power (0%, 25%, 50% 75%, 100%),
    now for example i send a information about scene "TV" this should make somthing like:
    All lamps (without lamp nr 3) to 0 %
    lamp 3 - 25%

    the result is the first scene in babtech was started and the rest was not runing. and this is not this what i want...
    i know that i can make a dimmer via button but i want to make it via "scene" in babtec (i know that this is not possible to make it via scene in ets) or sending to group adress a value example 0 or 25% (60) and that the lights are making this soft efect.

    has any body a idea how can i do it with my devices or what device can do it? i don't want to buy any externall knx device (if possible).
    I'm using now openhab as server if this will be helpfull information.

    I will be thankfull for idea's / informations

    best regards KN