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Ways of climate control

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    Ways of climate control

    Dear Community,

    First I would like to thank you for accepting my registration, actually I don't know Germany. My native language is Arabic and know English. And I hope to communicate with you using English language.

    Please I have two questions:

    Question1- To control Climate (Fan coil unit) using KNX, as I see in the equipment; there are two ways:
    1. First method:
    • To have KNX RCA module connected to FCU (fans and valve)
    • To install KNX Thermostat that provides room temperature and allows people to control A/C
    1. Second method:
    • To install stand-alone Thermostat that have KNX communication; so it connected to FCU as same as traditional A/C thermostat and in addition it can be controlled using KNX protocol (so it can be controlled from central software, ...)
    Is it right, and which method is better, as I can see the second is more economic

    Question2- To control A/C using the first method, I need to choose KNX RCA module; So some module named as Fan-coil unit and can connect with one FCU, but other modules which is general output can connect with more than one FCU and with same brand (manufacturer), such as Hager TY616 can be connected to 4 x FCU.
    So what is there the different and is there advantage of using the module that named fan-coil over the general module?

    Salam aleikum. If in the building where you want to control the fan coil units there is no further KNX equipment I recommend to install some stand alone thermostats which are able to control fan speed and valve position (Theben, Honeywell...). Ma salam