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All blinds go up scene implemented safely.

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    All blinds go up scene implemented safely.

    How to properly set up a scene like "All blinds go up in the morning" with Gira 5040 00 Switching/Blinds actuator

    I understand when someone is programming this kind of scene it should not be possible to run 12 blind motors at same exact time but there should be some kind of delay between the individual motors operation, the reason for this is to avoid too high "start" currents drawn from the motors.

    I did not see a functionality like that in this actuator manual - nor for MDT universal actuator.

    Maybe there is a specific term for this I should be looking for?

    For safety reason like storm there are central functions for "All blinds go up at once" so the electrical installation must be able to cope with this situation.

    Some Actors - I know this from heating actors - realize a small delay between the channels of one actor by hardware, you have no influence on.

    In the data sheet the line "motors no more than 1380 VA per output" give a precise limit what the Gira 5040 00 Switching/Blinds actuator can deal with.

    There is one parameter - Szenenabrufverzögerung - maybe for switching outputs only.


      So that means that electricial will have to spread the motors over multiple circuit breakers right?


        This is right: This depends on cable cross section, motor and circuit breaker characteristics. Now you are on the right track.