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ETS home edition

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    ETS home edition

    Dear members, i am new to this forum and quite new to KNX (moved into our KNX house 8 months ago).

    Today we have ELAN as the presentation system (app), which i do not like. The app is not good looking and not well designed.
    I would like a better app and more possibilities for controlling scenarios and KNX devices myself.

    My plan is to use ETS inside for more in depth scenario setup and direct control of the KNX units. I have looked at the KNX toolbox interface which has ETS inside server built into it. But what is the difference between ETS inside and ETS home edition?

    For a better app and more options i would like to get a Athomey homey with a KNX link. This works with KNX if i have a KNX interface, which the KNX toolbox is. This will also give me the option to add wireless sensors like zigbee etc.

    ETS inside will then give me better control of background scenarios for physical buttons and knx product control and Homey will give me a better looking and better performing app with more options. What do you think of my plan and are there better options?

    Hope for positive answers

    Welcome to the Forum.

    Inside is intended for making adjustments to an existing installation, it does not contain all functions of ETS.

    Home is a fully functional ETS (Pro), but limited to 64 devices.