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Problem with speech recognition Enertex SynOhr Multisense

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    Problem with speech recognition Enertex SynOhr Multisense

    I am using the SynOhr Multisense with the english vocabulary.
    I find that at times a command is accepted (in the sense that it
    is recognized) but it is completely different from the command that was issued.

    Here is an example

    Command issued: "Living Ceiling Light"

    Command recognized: "Kitchen TV Scene" (since this command exists, it was executed)

    I believe that the difference is too large to be attributed to the similarity of sounds

    Any help?

    I find also that "Light" and "Blind" are systematically confused (this I can perhaps understand because of they sound similar)

    Living Ceiling Light is ALWAYS confused with Kitchen Ceiling Light .

    It seems that the word Living is never recognized.

    Anyone out there with similar problems and possible solutions?

    Many thanks

    I did contact you personally, too. Just for possible other users:

    I think you won't get that much response in the Forum, as mostly German speaking people are writing in this.
    English is intended to work with US, British and non-native speakers. So there might be some words for one particular group of these speakers with a de-rating of recognition.

    It is important to use it in the built-in state, not on a desk or so. Otherwise the acoustic is too different, as the microphones are using the acoustic signal from the wall with a certain ratio.
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